My Business Life

What does business mean to you? Maybe it's making millions of dollars or buying the house you've always wanted to live in or driving that 1 million dollar sports car. I can assure you that money isn't what should inspire you to want to succeed in business. Business should inspire you to help others.

Now that I'm in the 2nd half of my life business success is measured for me on how many people I can help. Why is great to think about how the money will change your life what I've learned in my 30 years as a businessman is that if you are only focused on how much money you'll make and not how to take care of your customers and help them succeed you'll never build a business that will last.

When I made my first million dollars in one year, I thought it would solve all my problems and make life easy. It did pay bills, and it let me have more time to enjoy life it didn't make me happy or more feel successful. What did make me feel satisfied was how the business that I built was helping others reach their goals and live a better quality of life. When I found that I could build products and services that enabled others to realize their goals and dreams that really inspired my life as a businessman. Now I have very strict guidelines that push me towards a product or service. It must help others and be so easy to get started that anyone can do it.

My focus now is in the area of health and wellness. I'm working with many young businessmen and woman on solutions that not only make a lot of money but helps them enjoy a high quality of life. Time with family, time to enjoy life.

The other component to my success and working with me is that everyone that I work with must be committed to personal development. I've worked with people with Harvard Business School degrees, MBA's down to the stay at home mother who wants a better life for her kids and I can tell you that those that dedicate themselves to real hardcore personal development always win.

Would you like to be part a business that grows fast and earns great money and helps others? Right now I'm not taking on any new business partners, but would be happy to help you find the right opportunity if you are in the market for finding a great business.

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