From the moment I was born my mother and father said that I was always curious. Then when I began to talk it was clear that someday I would be an Entrepreneur. I’m glad that I had the upbringing that I did. By the age of 12 I wanted to sell, so my parents let me sell door-to-door. I was really good at it and I believe this gave me a base that the rest of my life would build on.

My father was an electrical engineer and worked with NASA. He was an inventor and created the code that reads bar coding. Those early years of my life my father was always bringing home gadgets and showing me how they worked and asking me how they would be used. After college in 1987, I, along with a small group of music pioneers, formed the Independent Music Association. Back then we had no idea how technology would reshape the music industry. I began to teach myself how to code and in the early 90′s worked on encoding for what today is mp3 format.

In 1995 I created an application that I sold to Netscape. In 1999, along with Brian Lee I created one of the first internet reverse auctioning systems. In early 2000, I, along with about 10 other programmers began podcasting and laying the groundwork for social networking. If I only knew how close we were to FACEBOOK!!!

In late 2006 I met with Carl Dailkeler, the CEO of Beachbody. I, along with a few others, founded Team Beachbody which has helped create a nationwide network of coaches. This has been a real added joy to my life. I really love helping others reach their goals and Team Beachbody core is helping everyone see their true potential.

My life has led me to a beautiful collage of family, friends and undeniable countless memories.

I love entrepreneurship and I believe it’s what makes America great. Is there an idea or product you can’t wait to create? Go change some lives and make each day your masterpiece.


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