David Tyler Martin- Born in 1964 in St. Paul, MN to Dale and Marge, he is the last of five children. From a young age David loved to sing to songs on the radio in his fathers 1969 VW Beetle.

David attended Indiana University from 1983-1987 his studies included a Major in Music Composition and Business Minor. He was a walk on member of the Cross Country team.
David began his Internet career in 1993. He pioneered Internet mp3 and music for download and created an application for Netscape. He also directed an Internet service company in 1998 and then sold it to EarthLink.

David designed a reverse auctioning system for the hospitality industry that permitted group meeting buyers to communicate with hotels on large group meetings. David was also one of the co-founders of The Independent Music Ass.

David started working with BZ9 and identified social market media to be a revolutionary and cost effective solution for small to medium sized businesses. David objective is to help businesses achieve their marketing goals in an ever-changing technology environment.

David was one of the initial founders and worked closely with the CEO of Beachbody to develop a coaching network of over 100,000 coaches and growing.  As an innovator of social market media, David was instrumental helping the network learn about social media and how to grow their businesses with it.

After loosing 73 pounds and running his first Marathon at the age of 45, he has become passionate about helping others live a happier, healthier life. Today David and his wife Carey run Ultra-Marathons. Stay up with them at THE RUNNING MARTIN’S

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